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Index to the Advocate Newspaper - Personal Announcements

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Our bookshop is located within our Library.  You are welcome to browse during opening hours.  Mail orders are also welcome  by email or post.

Images of the indexed entries are available for a small fee at the Mersey Branch Library. Enquiries may also be made by email.

Books are currently being offered for sale in packs of five, which is a large price reduction and does not attract a further member discount.

Some printed single year books are available at a price of $5. and can be printed on demand  at a cost of $20 each.  Please contact the Brach Library or email the secretary for further information.

Overseas Shoppers

Please note that before placing an order online you should contact us for a quote on postage costs. Post and Packaging quoted here is within Australia only. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.  As a guide, one Volume will cost $8.00 and 2-4 Volumes $16.00 (depending on weight)

Packaging and postage (within Australia is already added to all online orders paid through PayPal.





Member Price:

1Index to the Advocate 1981 - 19855 Printed VolumesTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
58Index to the Advocate 1981 - 2010Print on demand single copyTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
57Index to the Advocate 1981 - 2010single copies only if availableTFHS Inc. Mersey$5.00$5.00
3Index to the Advocate 1986 - 19905 Printed VolumesTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
5Index to the Advocate 1991 - 19955 Printed VolumesTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
7Index to the Advocate 1996 - 20005 Printed VolumesTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
9Index to the Advocate 2001 - 20055 Printed VolumesTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
11Index to the Advocate 2006 - 20105 Printed VolumesTFHS Inc. Mersey$20.00$20.00
47Index to the Advocate 2011 - 20155 Combined yearsTFHS Inc. Mersey$35.00$30.00
46Index to the Advocate 2011 - 20155 Combined years on USBTFHS Inc. Mersey$35.00$30.00
49Index to the Advocate 2016 - 20205 Combined yearsTFHS Inc. Mersey$35.00$30.00
48Index to the Advocate 2016 - 20205 Combined years on USBTFHS Inc. Mersey$35.00$30.00

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